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Our Story

We are so excited to offer our patients a medical home where they are known as individuals and empowered to make lifelong health a top priority.  Not just a place of healing, but also a place of restoration.

When The Bible speaks of “restoration,” all things become better than they were before.  This is the inspiration for The Restoration Place Clinic.  The symbol or emblem representing our practice is deeply symbolic. The square is meant to portray the Garden of Eden - a perfect and peaceful paradise without any corruption or decay.   In the center of the Garden is the Tree of Life - exemplifying God’s life-giving presence and fullness of life. 


We are on mission - to bring heaven to earth via our medical care and this is no short order!  These high standards for the treatment of our patients bring their care and patient experience to the next level.  At Restoration Place Clinic, we believe that every patient is a V.I.P. (very important person)! 

Our Logo

The Restoration Place Clinic logo design is meant to seem elegant and simple, and yet at the same time deeply symbolic. The square is meant to portray the garden of Eden, which of course brings to mind a perfectly peaceful paradise, void of corruption and decay. And at the center of the garden we have the Tree of Life, its purpose being to protect man against death, and decay. The tree itself is an Olive tree, which represents the olive branch the dove brought back to Noah at the end of the flood, and the flood is what God used to restore the Earth after it became too corrupt. And finally the trunk of the tree is comprised of three sections that are intertwined to represent unity in the Trinity, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

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